inner determinations of mind

the I, she, or it that thinks
13 June
Perth, WA, Australia
Miskatonic University - Arkham MA (1990 - 1995)
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a s byatt, agency, angela carter, apperception, atheism, autonomy, baking internet shaped cakes, becoming benevolent world dictator, being hott & awesome, being pretentious, bertold brecht, bisexuality, buffy the vampire slayer, causality, cephalopods, che t-shirt spotting, chicks who kick arse, copernican revolution, copyleft, cthulhu, cultural misconceptions about australia, dancing, david bowie, david lynch, depression, doctor who, dorothy parker, embodiment, ethics, fair trade coffee, fairy tales, fashion, feminism, firefly, folklore, frank moorhouse, free will, friedrich nietzsche, gay intellectual elitist conspiracies, giant squid, girl crushes, goth boys in skirts, hal hartley, hannah arendt, history of sexuality, humanism, immanuel kant, infatuation, iris murdoch, james ellroy, joss whedon, karl jaspers, knitting, knitting exciting underwear, knowledge, learning, libraries, life after academia, literati, lithium @ toast, louche women, machine gun fellatio, magic realism, metaphysics, michael moorcock, michel foucault, misplaced faith in humanity, modernism, modernity, moral philosophy, mortality, myths, nostalgia about lj, oscar wilde, oulipo, oxfam, philip k. dick, philosophy, philosophy-reading sushi-eating elitist groupthink, procrastination, psychoanalysis, public spaces, public transport, quirks, raymond chandler, really stupid questions, russell hoban, samuel r. delany, science fiction, self-determination, sleeping, space and time, speculative fiction, spices, stupid questions, tasteful kitsch, teaching, terry prachett, the categorical imperative, the eighteenth century, the enlightenment, the sublime, things in themselves, thinking, thomas pynchon, tom tykwer, transcendental idealism, umberto eco, underworld, unrequited lust, unresolved sexual tension, ursula le guin, utopia, verbosity, virginia woolf, warping young minds, when i am ruler, where the wild-things are, white liberal guilt, world domination
Rating: MA
This journal contains adult themes.

That's because I am an adult. I discuss topics such as contraception, abortion, mental illness, feminism, porn, politics, literature, film, and, occasionally, philosophy. I also swear whenever I feel so inclined.

If this sounds too grown up for you, you should stop scrolling now, and click away from this page. Kthnxbai.

As of 2009-12-15 all content is cross-posted from my dreamwidth account. You can comment on either site, but I do import comments from LJ to DW every few months, so be aware that your comments here will show up there, eventually, and may be read and replied to by people on DW.

I will continue to read people on my f'list who post on lj, but I doubt I'll be adding new people over here.

All the uncredited icons on my userpics page were made by me. Some of them I made for sharing. Others I made just because I wanted them. I can't control what people do on teh interwebs, but it would be appreciated if people asked before using my icons, and mentioned that they were made by me on their userpics page.

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